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Mary Riedeman (Slattery )
Profile picture
Widowed 4
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Nancy McElroy
Retired Married 1
BFA in Design from University of Kansas, 1972
Masters degree in Dance from University of Colorado, 1979
Worked at CU from 1979 until retirement April Fools Day, 2010
Married fellow classmate Paul Newman in 1984; I have a son and a stepson
We are happily retired and enjoy being grandparents and traveling.
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Rob Carrier
Profile picture
Profile picture
retired Single
Lookin' forward to seeing those who show up. Until then, be well and enjoy! Send Rob a MessageSend Rob a Message
Robert Faerber
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Retired Married 4
Working with the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa, AZ and the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix.  Retirement seems as busy as working used to be! Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message